Sep 25, 2021

10th year Blogoversary | Leafy Floral Border | Digital Illustration

Hi Crafty peeps, 

Today marks 10th blogoversary of my Paperie Expressions❤️ Hard to believe that I took my crafty interests for a decade with consistent blogging and crafting along with 2 major relocations!! 

My Heartfelt Thanks to all my blog visitors and fellow bloggers whose visits and comments made me to drive with my passion of mine. 
Special Thanks to my blog buddies who never miss to comment on my blog posts.There were days, I used to wait for their comments when I posted in my blog. Thanks a lot dearies😘 @cardsncolouring @eternallygreetful
Thanks SO much @suganthi_mohan, your love and encouragement made me to create this blog, participate in blog challenges 🤗❤️
Thank you very much @tejalmehtashah, your blog reviews about crafty supplies made me to invest on best supplies in my initial bloggy days. See where your bicolor Fabercastell pencils post has taken me today 🤗💗
@nupurcreatives Thanks so much for the watermark, still am using the one you created for me 8years ago💗
Much Thanks to all who liked, commented and took time to encourage me with your loving and kind words 💖
Procreate tutorial using @everytuesday Leafy floral border

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Unknown said...

Congratulations on your 10th blog Anniversary. I have been a regular visitor to your blog, though I have not posted any comments. Loved your crafty creations and all the very best.