Sep 29, 2011

Quilled blue flowers

This is a birthday card i made for my friend. I have quilled tear drop shapes for leaves and for flower, 3 blue colored  teardrop shapes are quilled to form each petal.

Birthday card

This birthday card is for my little niece who loves teddy bear and balloons.
I quilled balloons, teddy and gifts for the first time.

Tri-flower card

Love for card making grows in me like anything. I love to do little quilling in each and every card i prepare.
This is a Miss U card which i made for a friend of mine.

Quilled Wall hanging

This piece of work is close to my heart as i gifted this to a dear friend who left to Korea. I tried different flowers and used more than 6 different colors to make this flower basket look good. I made the wall hanging base with bamboo skewers glued and tied together. A thick red cardstock as base with frilled laces are used for borders.

Closer view

Keep sake box

This time i did 2 different simple flowers on the gift box.

I used two shades for purple flower and made 2 curved marquise shape glued together with central marquise. shape. 

Birthday Card

This card is for my friend's baby - first birthday. First time i tried two color combinations for flower,quilled baby feet and some eccentric coils.

Pop-up heart card

I started loving card making and my first simple card is my pop-up heart card for my DH.

I got the inspiration from Lin's handmade cards blog. Hope to make some more cards in future.

Sep 28, 2011

Thank You card.

This card is something special and close to my heart since this is my first made card with proper quilling kit. Initially i use toothpick and bamboo skewer to quill. I made this card for my cousin, who gifted the Quilling Creations beginners quilling kit from US. She felt so happy when she received this card in post.

Sep 27, 2011

Other Crafts

Other than quilling, i love to cross stitch. This is one of my work.

Felt Roses, Crepe paper roses, Origami Lily are some of my other craft interests.

Sep 26, 2011

Quilled things..

My first quilled card is so special since i made that for my Mom's birthday,  who has inspired me in all the ways from childhood. I have admired all her paintings-water color, acrylic and oil paintings.

This simple quilled bookmark is also for my Mom, who is a voracious reader.

My first quilled flowers in a simple paper frame. The instructions are followed from Inna's creations .Thanks to Inna, she is like a silent teacher to she inspired me by her simple and wonderful illustrations.

Closeup view

Happy Quilling!
Happy Crafting!

Sep 25, 2011

First post: Me n' Quilling...

The same time last year, am unaware of Quilling -  a paper craft. Its really magical, i feel....since after getting into this beautiful world of quilling....i love to see all things around me in this world with quilling eyes..I must admit ...Quilling has wonderfully changed my boredom into cute creative world around me...