Nov 1, 2015

Quilled Love Floral Frame :)

After a long gap, made a Quilling frame with sheer love for spring colors and the freshness it brings to one's mind :)

Its a 12" frame and the one i submitted for UK Quilling Guild Annual Meet at Sherborne 2015 in September 19-20.

I have tried few color combinations and flower patterns, which i havent done earlier and my main idea is to have a collection of various flowers of different patterns.

As always, after my son's birthday, saved the cake baseboard like last year and cut a 8 " heart from it. Check here for last year cake base board. Wound the pollen sticks around it and pasted a heart diecut inside it to give a trellis look.

My all time favorite technique is fringed flowers which i made out of different sizes paper strips and few used as centres and few used as individual flowers even. The fact i love the most is its hand fringed :)

And all the flowers are made using sewing needle and this makes the central hole less prominent. Its my second big floral frame using needle as quilling tool. 3mm strips were used for the whole project, which includes graduated strips, solid colors, two tone color strips etc., And almost all techniques are included here such as Alternate side looping, Marquise, Tear drop shape, Triangle shape, Heart shape, Open loop coils, Closed loop coils, Tight coils, multistrips scrolls, fringing etc.,

Flowers are stuck on the heart chipboard base using hotglue gun and found it so very convenient to give shaping as i wished for.

Made a Monarch butterfly for second time and its one of my fave color combination to work with for the butterfly. Check here for my earlier version of monarch butterfly.

Hope you like it. As always, i just love all your comments, its a real boost for any artist to pursue their passion :)


  1. Wow!!! This is super it :)

  2. Oh, Sathya ! I love this marvellous Quilling project of yours everytime I watch it. Love the symmetrical arrangement you have given. Hats off for all the hard work you have put in which shines through so beautifully.

  3. Gorgeous Sathya. Look the mix of colours , wish I could have seen it in person. Unique butterfly design . Over all neat and fresh.

  4. What an absolute gorgeous home decor you have created!!! Beautiful!


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