Nov 17, 2012

Me: Tagged :)

 This Tag game started by Tejal from Ahmedabad, India and all the way taken its journey to many places and now came to me to UAE through Kavitha from Swiz.
Thank You, Kavitha for tagging me...

And here goes,
  1. Where is your cellphone?                      Need to search
  2. Your hair?                                                Just had hair spa
  3. Your Mother?                                           Ever filled with Positive thoughts and Happy           Soul
  4. Your Father?                                            Disciplinarian
  5. Your favourite food?                              Homemade - Mom prepared food, especially :) 
  6. Your dream last night?                           Dreamless night
  7. Your favourite drink?                             Chill Lemon Tea   
  8. Your dream/goal?                                    Ever to be a contended happy soul :) 
  9. What room are you in?                            Living Room
  10. Your hobby?                                             Hobby turned obsession now - Quilling
  11. Your fear?                                                 I will be extra cautious when working with FIRE
  12. Where do you want to be in 6 years?    Anywhere am happy with my family members.
  13. Where were you last night?                   At Home after long hours of shopping
  14. Something that you aren't?                    Cool headed
  15. Muffins?                                                    Not of my interest
  16. Wish list item?                                          Craft stuffs as of now :) 
  17. Where did you grow up?                         Chennai
  18. Last thing you did?                                  Just had lunch
  19. What are you wearing?                           Tees and Jeans   
  20. Your TV?                                                   Its a "Wall Top" when i took my son's "Laptop", since TV connected to WIFI (techno kid) 
  21. Your pets?                                                Am a pet addict, Have a Japanese Spitz (Monu) and German Shepherd (Tinu) 
  22. Friends?                                                    Lifeline
  23. Your life?                                                  Blessed one:)
  24. Your mood?                                              Happy now :)
  25. Missing someone?                                  My granny  
  26. Vehicle?                                                    Feet...Walking is best exercise :)
  27. Something you're not wearing?            Anklet
  28. Your favorite store?                               Bookland, Chennai! 
  29. Your favorite color?                               Black
  30. When was the last time you laughed?  Few minutes back
  31. Last time you cried?                                2 months back, for my 94 yr granny's demise :(  
  32. Your best friend?                                     Always my dear hubby 
  33. One place that I go to over and over?   Kitchen and craft space 
  34. Facebook?                                                  Now & Then
  35. Favourite place to eat?                             Greeness Hotel (Taiwan) for Vegetarian Hotpot!!!

And now its time to tag....My choice is Sudha


Pooja said...

Hey Sathya ! Glad to know more about you . Monu and Tinu ...nice names.

Dr Sonia S V said...

Sathya our 12 and 21 are the same!!

Crafting Aberrigines said...

oh I wish we could make a pet fan club :)
LURVVV...your quilled banner...its so damn gorgeous !!
Thanks for dropping in a regular now :D since i hope to be back in action ! :D

Norma said...

Hello Sathya:) Wonderful to learn about you and thank you so much for stopping by today! Have a great evening!

Deepti Stephens said...


Tee said...

So awesome to read it!! Thanks for doing it!!