Dec 12, 2011

Quilled Thanks....

 Taiwan: Must -see traveler's delight!!!

A wonderful small island in Pacific ocean, where my newly wedded life began in a beautiful spring season...Its just like a dream...3 yr and 9months has gone so fast....

I have been appearing and disappearing for sometime in FB and not participating in any blog challenges as of now....Yah....reason for all that is my current relocation from Taiwan....

I am known to many as a Pet addict and an obssessed gardener rather than a crafter...
I have got this gene transfer from  my Mom likely....since she is such an obssessed gardener. Every leisure time will be ultimately dedicated to garden...

Really am feeling too hard to leave my beautiful small garden here in Taiwan home now..I have plants of all four seasons in my garden and they give out flowers daily...For the past 2 weeks, only few flowers...i hope by now they knew that am leaving ....They are the close knitted souls of them
i share all my secret wishes, happiness and sorrows...

Glimpse of My Garden pics...

For the past one week, am restricting myself from quilling and dedicating my time to packing, cleaning home, disposing things and posting things to India and so on...

Yet, i can't give up a thing which has become my obsession....So at last...come up with this.

Probably my last quilling of this year 2011...There are many surprises and lovely moments to cherish this year....

A magic called "Quilling" touched me and found my true happiness from that.
Created FB account and joined EQG and happened to get in touch with all quilling souls.
Created my craft blog which is a long awaited desire of mine and happened to be a part of this beautiful blogosphere.
Participated in First Paper Quilling Exhibition in Emirates.

Thanks to all friends and quillers for inspiring me... All your comments means a lot to me in improvising my skill level..

A Specials thanks to Noor Nahdi of Paperie Designs Studio for featuring me in her blog in Fascinating Fridays under the caption Sathya's Sparkling Start...I really feel very honored by the way she featured me...Thanks to Amna Al Fardh once again for her generous heart.

Another Special thanks to Wendy and DTs of Paper Crafting Journey for a brand new Special Mention Badge for this post, which has also won Pritesh's Heart Stealer Design Badge.

I strongly believe that...Whatever happens in Life is for a reason...
Every deed/thing is interconnected and Everything happens for a good cause....

So true in my case too.....Every quilling soul like me...would have dreamt to be in a "Place" particularly on Nov 22nd-24th...They would have been seated before PC for a constant updation in FB and was surprised to see the comments pouring out like anything from all corners of the world irrespective of different time zones......

Yaaaaaaah.....You got it right. I am relocating to UAE!!!!!!!!!!!
From a place of 0% quilling supplies to a Quilling world of talented quillers.....

Wishing all my blogger friends and visitors, a Wonderful Christmas and a Blessed New Year 2012....

Happy Quilling!!!!!!!

P.S. Will be in hibernation for a (loooooooong) while and will soon try to post from my new home!!!!


  1. OMG! So many talented quillers in ONE country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck for your relocation Sathya! :)

  2. Best wishes for the New Year Sathya! Happy times ahead indeed! :)
    The flowers look simply beautiful! Can understand how hard it must be to leave them behind....

  3. So it's confirmed!!! Yay.... So will u join us for Jan or Feb morning coffee!

  4. you'll have his beautiful creations made ​​me love it
    Greetings Baukje

  5. Love the happy colors,so beautiful:)

  6. Lovely quilling Sathya. Have a wonderful 2012 with peace and happiness and lot of time for quilling.

  7. love you quilling sathya...its so beautiful...and wishing you in advance a merry christmas and happy new year....hope you have a good time shifting to UAE,though i can see you are going to miss taiwan and your beautiful garden...but as they say life goes on.....good luck and best wishes:)

  8. Fabulous garden!! Wish you a safe travels...and happy relocating!

  9. Welcome dear Sathya :) Its my pleasure to feature your creativity!!!!

  10. Many things happening as the YEAR winds up... WOW!!! And such GORGEOUS flowers in your garden & on your Craft Table!!! WIshes & Love,

    Ash.. :)

  11. Wow! what an awesome garden you have with lovely flowers... and nice quilling effort too...

  12. Lovely garden and quilling pics...

  13. Beautiful flowers , both real and quilled ! All the best Sathya !

  14. first time in your'm truly amazed by this lovely creation of urs.....simply mindblowing...glad to follow ur space here :-)

  15. lovely ur flowers.

  16. Sathya,
    Few people have the gift to make gardens bloom and you're one of them. May you find happiness in her new home, many friends and gardens to bloom. The good thing for us is that the Internet continue to enjoy your art and we look forward to the next posts.
    May the New Year brings success, accomplishments, joys, and flowers and art!

  17. WOW Sathya what an eloquently written post-- I can almost feel your sorrow and your hopes!!
    and Have a Happy New Year

  18. Nice one. I just go through it. Thank you for sharing.

    Stone Garden Sculptures

  19. lovely post. what's the small yellow flowers with red/ dark pink centers called? i have them in my garden too but can't find its name.


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