Sep 25, 2013

Second Blogoversary and Quilling tutorial !!!

Am very happy as today is my blog's second blogoversary and addd to it, this is my 100th post!! Yippiee!
Thank you all visitors, blogger pals whose continuous support by visiting, commenting has driven me to this stage of mine...My heartfelt thanks to all of you.

To mark this day, i love to share a quilling tutorial which got published in UK Quillers Today magazine of Summer Edition. Very many thanks to this offer by Editorial team who saw the quilled bird and cage work and asked for tute to share in their magazine. Was super happy that moment. An year gone as a member of UK Quilling guild and one more year to go and after which have to go through Accreditation process to become Accreditated Member of UK Quilling Guild. Awaiting that day soon :)

Tutorial: Here we go!

Strips used :3mm width, 29 cm length
For the cages - 3mm,1mm,1,5mm strips hand-cut from 120gsm black cardstock.

Birds (make two)
The body of each bird is made from one full length strip. shaped into a teardrop.
Wing: half a strip,shaped into a teardrop.
Eye: 2cm strip. rolled into a tight coil.
Legs: make from 2cm brown strip, folded.
Beak: Take a 0.5cm length of brown strip, fold in half and cut corners in a pointed way to resemble a beak.

Heart in cage:
Use two full length red strips to make teardrop shapes and glue together to form a heart shape.

Hearts around bird (make several):
Make closed loose coils from 4cm, 5cm,6cm,7cm lengths of red strips and pinch them to form hearts on various sizes.

Cage containing heart:
Use two half length strips to create the cage shape and add cross bars made from quarter length strips. Use one full length strip to make the open ring coil at the top of the cage.
Make closed loose coil and tight coil decorations using quarter length strips.

Opened cage:
Use one half length strip to make the cage shape.
Add horizontal cross bars made using half length strips.
Add vertical cross bars made using 1mm and 1.5mm width strips.
Use one full length strip to make the open ring coil  at the top of the cage.
Make closed loose coil and tight coil decorations using quarter length strips.
Use three-quarter length strips to make the borders of the square cage entrance and door, with a small 2cm swirl as a door knob.

Assemble the card using picture as a guide.

Many thanks to Philippa Reid, for the cogent compilation of the tutorial and for this great offer for publishing this.

And....Special thanks to Daydreams - Suganthi Mohan,without whom i would not have been into Quilling or in this blogoland. She is such an inspiration, encouragement and great support at all my steps in this Quillers World.


  1. Congrats Sathya ! Wishing many more such milestones and all the best for the process to become Accreditated Member of UK Quilling Guild. Thanks a lot for sharing a tutorial !!

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  12. Congratulation on second blog anniversary Sathya!

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