Apr 30, 2013

Quilled Dedication to Dear Granny!

Have been in MIA for past 3 weeks and missing many fellow bloggers' updates too :(
My little one has started his KG1 and so he was keeping me very busy...Atlast i could find sometime to do what i wished for past few months....

Yes....Its a Quilled Dedication to "my dearmost" sweet granny who passed away few months back. She was 94 yrs then and her absence, still gives us pain.


Her wisdom is an art
     She shares so generously --- 
Her words are golden thread
     That bind our family.

We're covered by a quilt of love ---
     It warms us like no other
God used the hands of one so dear...
     The one we call "Grandmother"

Happened to see these verses in net about Grandmother and felt would be so very apt for my dear granny.

Took print out in a watercolor paper and distressed with spun sugar and fayered burlap distress inks. And added generoulsy pink pearls for the border and white pearls for the flower centres. Tried different quilled flowers to make the arrangement around the verses. Its yet to be framed.

Closer view:

Hope you like it!!!

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  1. What a beautiful frame Sathya!..Your quilling looks gorgeous ...I just love the colors and the beautiful poem dedicated to your Grandmom..What a beautiful memory keep-sake you have created in her honor! :).

  2. wow sathya...this is so beautiful...the words in d memory of ur grany r sooo touching..n the quilled flowers n their arrangement is superbly awesome.

  3. Wonderful quilling Sathya !I loved the arrangement a lot !

  4. very lovely sathya,i never tried to make any frame ,thanks for inspiring,hope someday will do it.

  5. What a beautiful and touching frame you created in her memory! Your post moved me a lot, Sathya...


  6. Very beautiful Sathya!! the emotion behind your creation is what makes it so special!! thanks for sharing how you did the background!!

  7. Sorry to know about your loss. But you have really created such a pretty keepsake in her memory. Fabulous quilling Sathya!

  8. So sorry for your loss... Your creation is absolutely breathtakingly gorgeous, if she'd been here she would have loved it.

  9. Really beautiful sathya....love the pink combinations nd lovely arrangement...!!

    so sorry to hear abt ur loss ... " Life is pleasant. Death is peaceful. It's the transition that's troublesome.”

  10. Very beautiful. It is a wonderful and heartfelt tribute. I am sure your grandmother lives in your memory and in you.

  11. Just lovely Sathya. I miss my grandmothers too, so I understand how you feel.

  12. Very pretty nice colors and design.

    regards diane

  13. Fantastyczna, niezwykle romantyczna praca, cudne kwiatuszki:))

  14. I never really knew either of my grannies but I'm sure they must have been wonderful people and I sure missed out a lot not having known them. The background and the foreground work blend so perfectly, I'm sure some part of your talent came from her.

  15. What a gorgeous dedication piece.

  16. Oh wow, what patience you must have all these flowers are beautiful.

  17. It's a beautiful, touching dedication Satya... I can identify very well with the feeling behind it!

  18. It is a beautiful and touching dedication Satya... I can identify with the feeling behind it...


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