Jan 3, 2013

Quilled Flowers

Very Happy New year to all my readers and blogger friends...Hope this new year brings all joy and harmony  to us.

2012 has gone so fast for me as 8 months i stayed in India after my Taiwan relocation and came here to UAE and this 4 months here gone super fast. And now, my little one got admission in International Indian School and so will be going to KG from April.

For all these days, i have been quilling and gifting for my near and dear ones only both in Taiwan and India. Orders came my way, though i dont do quilling on a monetary basis. Either they picked up the original piece or asked for a same color, pattern work, So there wasn't any chance to post about those in my blog as i never like reciprocating the same piece again...

And now year's first post and of course, my first customized order for a quilled work came my way :) seeing my Blog!!!

Updation: After Framing:

Though a very simple quilled work, am happy for bringing out the smile and happiness in my client after getting this work.

And for the first time, i used Needle tool instead of Slotted one...and loved the result.

And did you notice that, oh yah...Its my brand new digital watermark. Love it a lot. Thank You, Nupur Priya for making this lovely unique one :)

Hope you all like it...

Hope this new year brings many more chance and ways to improvise myself in this wonderful art. Tentative intimation about UAE quilling exhibition has come and am working on for that now. So will post my works  after the exhibition which may held in last week of Jan or 1st week of Feb...Wish me Good Luck!

Entering following challenge:

Crafter's corner- Anything but not card or LO

Happy Quilling!!!!


  1. Happy new year Sathya.

    After a long period of time now I see ur lovely quilled creation..this is just fabulous n cheerful too dear.Love to see ur many more new creations this year.


  2. Very beautiful card!!!
    Wish you a Happy New Year!!!

  3. Beautiful card Sathya...love the logo also..Wish you a very happy and successful year dear..

  4. Your design is absolutely lovely, Sathya! Your quilling is great, and I love the border too!

  5. С новым годом, дорогая! Чудесная карточка!

  6. Sathya the fringed blooms are stunning!!!

  7. A post after so many Days ! You say it simple quilling ? Its fabulous ! agree with Dr.Sonia the fringed flowers are absolutely stunning .My Best wishes for your exhibition !All the Best !

  8. Wow Sathya your card is just beautiful ...you really do some exquisite quilling work and yes like Dr Sonia i am mighty impressed with your fringed flower's :) ...have you used the fringe scissors for it ?
    And Best wishes for your up coming exhibition:).. would love to see what you are going to put up there!!

  9. Very beautiful Sathya!! I love your perfect fringed flowers. Awesome watermark too.

  10. Sathya very beautiful card.....The flowers are already announcing spring......Happy new year to u n ur family.......
    And all the best for the exhibition.....

  11. wow stunning creation...inspiring me to go back to quilling .love it.

  12. they are so lovely. very delicate flowers. happy new year to you too!

  13. congrats, and good luck to you, your creation is lovely, and dont you love the reaction of a smile on there faces when you hand it to them, it prescoius!!
    Happy New Year to you and yours !!!!

  14. Love the combo dear..They look stunning..

  15. Happy new year Sathya :) fringed flowers are stunning .. wish to see lots of wonderful projects from you ...

  16. Beautiful quilling Sathya. Gd luck for the exhibition

  17. Voww!!one more luvly creation love the small flowers...sooo cute..gud luck!

  18. So pretty! Congrats on your order!!
    Hugs, antonella :-)

  19. This is absolutely gorgeous! Happy New year to you too and best wishes for your exhibition :)

  20. Fantastic work. Love the design and the color scheme.

  21. Happy New Year to you too! The card might be simple, but it's wonderful! Indeed, the needle tools makes a big difference, thought it's a little bit harder to work with (or at least until you get used to it).
    The digital watermark is so beautiful, suits you very well!

    Good luck with the UAE Quilling Exhibition!


  22. Like I have told earlier this is gorgeous work Sathya!

    Thank you so much for playing along "Crafter's Corner" # 4 & Best of luck.

    P.S: Sathya can you specify what your creation is..?..Is it a frame?

  23. wow!!very beautiful!!!!!!!
    Nati from Brazil


  24. வணக்கம்!

    பொங்கும் தமிழ்ச்சுவையைப் பொங்கல் திருநன்னாள்
    எங்கும் அளிக்கட்டும் ஈந்து!

  25. so neat and perfect ..quilling is hard work i know that from experience ...great stuff :)

  26. This is such a stunning project - love all those details - wonderful. TFS

  27. hey i am going bonkers after seeing your fringing...i know how much effort it takes to get the same result.....thanks for playing with us at crafters corner Challenge no # 4 - Anything but not a Card or Layout ....wish you all the best


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